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Backed with a vision to offer the best in patient care and equipped with technologically advanced healthcare facilities, this hospital is easily accessible by various means of transport. A team of well-trained medical staff, and experienced clinical technicians work round-the-clock to offer various medical services . Their professional services make them a sought after Hospitals in Azamgarh. A team of doctors on board, including specialists are equipped with the knowledge and expertise for handling various types of medical cases.

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Quality patient care is our priority. Providing excellent clinical and service quality, offering compassionate care, and supporting research and medical education are essential to our mission.

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Pathologists play a critical role in research, advancing medicine and devising new treatments to fight viruses, infections and diseases like cancer.


Oxygen may be used for patients requiring supplemental oxygen via mask. Usually accomplished by a large storage system of liquid oxygen at the hospital which is evaporated into a concentrated oxygen supply.


SPECIAL DIAGNOSTICS and List of Equipments installed in Scope Hospital. Our hospital is always at your service 24 hours-seven days of the week.


A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), also known as an intensive care nursery (ICN), is an intensive care unit (ICU) specializing in the care of ill or premature newborn infants.



A Dialysis Centre is a clinical establishment that provides the treatment of patients with renal failure. Sometimes patients with normal renal functions also require hemodialysis like patients with some poisoning.

X- Ray

An X-ray is a common imaging test that’s been used for decades. It can help your doctor view the inside of your body without having to make an incision. This can help them diagnose, monitor, and treat many medical conditions.

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