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Lotus Hospital Departments


The Cardiology Department of Lotus Hospital Azamgarh has a pool of highly skilled and ..[Read More...].

Clinical Cardiology

The Clinical cardiology Dept Of Lotus Hospital Azamgarh is one of the best ..[Read More...].

Oral Maxillofacial & Plastic Surgery Dept

The department provides a full range of Maxillofacial & Plastic Surgery services,including [Read More].


Neurology is the scientific way to treat the nervous system but at Lotus Hospitals,treating every patient with care and compassion ..[Read More...].


Gastric disorders are more common that we give credit for and the Gastroenterology department of Lotus Hospital [Read More].


Dialysis is offered to in-patient as well as out-patients. Emergency dialysis can also be availed at our hospital, because it is our aim to ensure that patients are not left stranded due to unavailability of resources.


Eyes give us a view of the world and the Ophthalmology department of Vedanta Hospital deals with the diseases, deficits and defects of the eyes, brain and areas surrounding of the eyes.
[Read More...].


Dermatology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the skin, hair, and nails. It also focuses on maintaining the health of your skin.
[Read More...].

Orthopaedics and Joints Care

There are 206 bones in the human skeletal system and Vedanta Hospital’s Department and Care center of Orthopaedics and Joints care provides advanced management of diseases, disorders and deformities. [Read More...].


Children fill our homes with laughter and happiness and it is their health that concerns and drives the department of Paediatrics at the Lotus Hospitals. We realize need of utmost care and empathy.

Chest (Pulmonology)

We have highly experienced specialists, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to ensure that immediate and world class treatment for patients is provided 24 hours a day. [Read More...]

Radiology & Pathology

Radiology, Pathology and Special Investigation Department of Lotus Hospitals works tirelessly to ensure correct and timely investigations.
[Read More...].

General Surgery

Lotus Hospitals offers laparoscopy and minimal invasive surgeries for a host of ailments and complications. The specialists are proficient in their field and are backed by cutting-edge technology to perform to the best of their abilities.[Read More...]

General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine is equipped to handle the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of multiple medical problems. Experts and doctors provide patient care from non-specific symptoms to specific diseases. [Read More...]


Lotus Hospitals has a fully-equipped dental care facility to treat all the ailments of the teeth, jaw, tongue, etc. Our dental experts adopt comprehensive and holistic approaches to improve and ensure oral health of patients. [Read More...].

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